Benefits of Membership

The most effective means for continued progress in the field of emergency management is membership in the Iowa Emergency Management Association.

  • NETWORKING – One of the most important benefits of joining IEMA is networking with other members, who are among the top professionals in the field of emergency management.
  • LEADERSHIP & DIRECTION – Our Executive Committee serves as a voluntary unit to address local, state, and federal emergency management concerns and issues on behalf of the association. The Board consists of 12 members, a representative from each of the 6 districts; plus the president, first and second vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, and our representative to ISAC. Information on how to contact members of the Executive Committee can be found here.
  • LEGISLATIVE SERVICES – Through IEMA’s Legislative Committee and our lobbyists at Advocacy Strategies, we stay on top of issues at the capitol that affect Emergency Management and work to introduce and support legislation that will better the profession of Emergency Management in Iowa and thus make this a safer and more prepared state for our citizens.
  • NEWS AND INFORMATION – The IEMA website – – features pertinent news articles, district and executive committee meeting minutes, information on current legislative issues, and a calendar containing upcoming trainings, meetings and events. There are also resources within the website that are restricted to members only. Members also have access to special district-wide or state-wide e-mail groups for the purposes of sharing information.
  • STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – As an IEMA member, you are part of an organization dedicated to the common goal of improving public safety in emergencies. Together we can find new and improved methods to reduce the loss of life and property damage during disasters. IEMA serves as the catalyst to achieve these goals.
  • EDUCATION – IEMA works to make sure its members have the best training possible by partnering with Iowa HSEMD to provide the Emergency Management Program Development Course along with other pertinent classes to its members. In addition, IEMA offers a Certified Emergency Manager (IACEM) certification program for emergency management professionals to obtain once they meet the necessary training requirements.
  • STAY INFORMED – IEMA keeps its members abreast of new emergency management technologies, legislation and regulations.

The Iowa Emergency Management Association provides a state-wide forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and best practices in emergency management. If you are an emergency management professional looking to expand your network by connecting with colleagues, seeking information on the issues concerning your area, or looking to further increase your knowledge of the field, then consider becoming a member of IEMA today!

Levels of Membership

There are three levels of membership within the Iowa Emergency Management Association: Active, Sustaining and Associate.

  • Active membership is open to Iowa Emergency Management Coordinators only (as defined in the Association Bylaws). The annual fee is $150
  • Sustaining memberships are open to industry, business firms and corporations which support the purpose of this Association or which provide a service or product which has applications and uses in the field of Emergency Management. The annual fee is $100.
  • Associate memberships are open to any interested individuals. The annual fee is $50.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Iowa Emergency Management Association, please download the following form and return it to the address listed.

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