Districts & Committees


The Iowa Emergency Management Association has divided Iowa into six districts. Each district appoints two active members to represent that district on the Executive Committee of the Association - one as the primary representative and the other as the alternate. The district reps are responsible for conducting district meetings and relaying information between the members of their district and the Executive Committee.


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“Private-sector preparedness is not a luxury; it is a cost of doing business in the post-9/11 world. It is ignored at a tremendous potential cost in lives, money and national security.”
― The 9 11 Commission Report


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Committee Chair in red | Committee Secretary in blue


  Terry Reekers   Emmet County  
  Bob Sievert   Shelby County  
  Robert Kempf   Adair/Guthrie County  

Awards Committee

  Terry Reekers   Emmet County  
  Bob Sievert   Shelby County  
  Darrell Knecht   Howard County  

Emergency Management
Program Development Academy 

  A.J. Mumm   Polk County  
  Jim Sparks   Jasper County  
  Keith Morgan   Story County  
  Trisha Rooda   Poweshiek County  
  Darrell Knecht   Howard County  
  Mark Hunefeld   Palo Alto County  
  Jo Duckworth   Union County  
  Doug Reed   Pottawattamie County  
  Jeff Anderson   Marion County  
  Stacy Griffin   Louisa County  
  Gina Hardin   Des Moines County  
  Lorie Glover   Black Hawk County  
  Scott E. Hansen   Benton County  

University of Okoboji
Conference Committee

  Aimee Barritt   Buena Vista County  
  Eric Tigges   Clay County  
  Michael Ehret   Dickinson County